World Class International Team.

Knowledge and Expertise

Experience, Dedication and Knowledge.

It is important to us to demonstrate our dedication to, experience in, and knowledge of, our respective geographic markets. One of the best ways to showcase this is through our world-class international team.

We are meticulously building a solid, high-quality team with key members in India and Africa with a brilliant spectrum of specialized knowledge and expertise.

Our Team

Impact Innovation Fund

We look for new and ingenious technological solutions that can be applied across a broad range of sectors. We are actively considering deals in the following areas: AI, Mobility, Renewable Energy, HealthTech, EdTech, AgriTech, FinTech and Additive Manufacturing. We refer to expert advisors in each of these fields for evaluation.

Technology is easier to scale up, replicate and adapt widely with fewer barriers, whether physical, geographic, logistical, human resource-related, or operational, than companies with inventory, equipment, brick-and-mortar presences and supply-chain management considerations. As a result, technology-focused enterprises can tend to scale more quickly with much lower associated costs and complexity.

  • Focus: Innovative technology; SaaS; D2C and B2B solutions
  • Fund Size: Up to $100M
  • Stages: Predominantly Series A and B, although we will consider exceptional opportunities
  • Criteria: High-potential startups with demonstrated traction, a solid management team and some degree of capitalization
  • Impact: Technological solutions that can provide for a better, more sustainable future